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Recommended Supplies for 8th Grade:

  • Spiral-bound notebook with 150+sheets 

  • Pens

  • Scotch tape

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

Students may also want to bring:

  • Highlighters, markers, and/or colored pencils

  • Mouse

  • Headset

  • Mug

  • Water bottle

  • Safety glasses

Please note, your individual teacher may recommend you need additional items. Also know that we have lots of supplies in the classroom. We also take donations to the classroom. (Thank you!)

Ms. Huggins Amazon Wishlist

Ms. Huggins is STEAMED on Facebook

Huggins Home Page on MUSD

S = Science

T = Technology

E = Engineering

A = Art

M = Math

  • Physical Science

  • Earth & Space Science

  • Life Science

  • Computer Science (Google Ed Suite)

  • Engineering Design

  • Note-taking

  • Digital Journaling

Grades & Homework

Grades are comprised of:

  1. Notebook portfolio (paper & digital)

  2. Participation

  3. Khan Academy - NGSS Middle School Science (Students can work on this any time. It’s due at the end of the school year.)

Homework is not graded as homework. Homework is either 1) preparation for an investigation or presentation or 2) unfinished classwork.

FOSS Science Curriculum

~Heredity and Adaptation

~Gravity and Kinetic Energy

~Electromagnetic Force


~Planetary Science

ThinkLink (FOSS Online)

Here is how to get to your Science curriculum online. You can find audio, video, English, and Spanish. Go to this link. Login with Google. Explore!


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